2020 Election

Ilee Lewis

The 2020 Presidential election is a historical election that impacts everyone across the nation. Most students at SHS cannot vote in the 2020 election. So how will students be individually impacted by this election? Let’s take a look from each outcome’s standpoint? 

Looking at the election from all directions is beneficial to understand people’s perspective. Here is a quote from freshman Ava Davison when asked how she will be personally affected in a positive way if President Trump wins the election. “I will be positively impacted because the taxes are lowered than what Biden had, pro life, the police reformed law, he’s the only person who is trying to stop riots, he will be my brothers commander and chief, he doesn’t want to defund the police or military, he will stand up to china and north korea, and he’s not a criminal.” From Ava’s point of view she listed many optimistic opinions about President Trump. She sees many positives from his re-election that will improve her life. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another quote was given from freshman Peyton Peterson about how she will be negatively impacted if President Trump wins the election. ”I will be personally negatively impacted if trump wins because I am a woman and part of the lgbtq+ community. This will allow discrimination in the work force, which all of us will be entering in a year or two. Also, Biden wanted to raise the minimum wage so we won’t get that. Along with my rights as a person being taken away because of who I love.” Peyton shows lots of concern for her future if Trump wins the election. She is worried about what harm Trump will cause to minorities if he is re-elected. Both sides bring up compelling arguments, depending on what beliefs, morals, and stand points this information is perceived from. 

 The point was brought up about Biden’s plan to raise the minimum wage and tax the rich, so how will students be affected if Biden wins the election? If Biden wins here are some things that he says will happen, the taxes will be raised only for people who make $400,000 or more a year, he will address climate change, and he will work towards free college. Climate change is incredibly important to the future of the world, is his plan enough to improve global warming? Most high school graduates would certainly appreciate free college! Parents might appreciate it even more! 

If Biden wins the election many positive things can happen. Such as, affordable health care, empowering minorities, equality, and getting Covid-19 under control. Having access to health care during this pandemic is fundamental to keeping people safe and healthy. If Trump is re-elected his plans seem to be to continue with the way he is doing things currently. `1

This 2020 election is one for the books. No matter the outcome, this will be one to remember. Either the first female Vice President or the first time an impeached president has been re-elected. Hopefully results come soon!