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Appropriate Attire – Dress Code
Student attitudes and behaviors are influenced by both how much body is revealed and by printed statements
and symbols found on clothing. In order to facilitate learning for all students, we require that student dress and
appearance follow health and safety standards and not cause disruption to the learning environment.
Appropriate attire is expected at all times while on school grounds and at all school sponsored activities.


-Students must remove all headwear while in the
buildings. Headwear includes hats, hoods, bandanas and
other non-religious head coverings. Appropriate
headwear may be worn for after school events

-Clothing must cover stomachs and chests

-Shorts, skirts, and dresses may appear no shorter
than the end (tips) of the fingertips (arms
extended straight down sides).

-Footwear must be worn at all times and must be appropriate
for the activity.

-Undergarments must be covered at all times. Holes, tears. mesh or other see-through materials

in garments may not be in areas that clothing is required to cover

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