Sumner vs. Emerald Ridge (Football)

Annie Ross

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65-0. When was the last time you heard that score? Well that’s what the outcome of the Sumner vs. Emerald Ridge football game last friday was. It’s safe to say that everyone knew this would not be Sumner’s toughest game of the season but it was not clear the game would be such a blowout. Especially when Spartan’s second play of the game was a fumble. But thankfully that turnover did not matter. One big highlight from the game was Wyatt Redding’s 49 yard field goal. When asked about it Keith Ross responded by saying how hard he works, riding his bike to the field at 6am before weight room over the Summer. Ross said he knew Redding could kick it far but decided this would be a good game to test out just how long he can make it from to know for future reference when he can use those long field goals to win games when Sumner needs it. And he did not disappoint. Luckily Sumner will have Redding for the next 4 years. And for their next game. Friday, at Bellarmine. 7:00 kickoff.

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