Earth Day and 3 Ways To Get Involved


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It is April 22nd of the year 2019, which means today marks the yearly celebration of the planet we call home. That’s right, it’s Earth Day! Compared to other Holidays, Earth Day is often forgotten, especially following an important Holiday such as Easter, but Earth Day is far more important than people give it credit. The Earth is the only planet we have, and it’s important that we all come together to take care of it. Below are three ways that you can get involved on Earth Day.

1.) Volunteer at a Local or National Park

The best way to get involved in taking care of our planet is to help maintain one of the several locations dedicated to enjoying its beauty. All across the country, there are several opportunities to get involved in volunteer work at any type of Park in your area or as far as you’d be willing to commute. Visit or for parks and volunteering information to find out what you can do to lend a hand at a park and when you can do it.

2.) Start a Compost Bin

Another way that you can give back to the Earth is by starting a compost bin at home. Each time a person throws out uneaten food, it not only is wasteful, but often ends up in landfills, which can harm the planet. A far more green alternative is to start a compost bin for the food you don’t use, which allows oxygen to get involved in the process of the decomposing food, breaking it down and allowing the production of the Green House Gas, Methane. To find out how to get started in your area and to do it safely, check out Composting can divert nearly 30% of waste from the garbage can, thus keeping it away from landfills.

3.) Plant a Tree

This last one may seem simple, but sometimes the most simple gestures can be the most thoughtful. Each day, acres of rainforests are cut down to produce resources from their wood. By taking the time to plant a tree, you may not save an entire rainforest, but it’s the thought that counts. To plant and maintain a tree shows that you care about the Earth and the process behind growing, and it will always be a reminder of how important it is to maintain the growth and beauty of our planet. You could talk to your parents and plant a tree in your back yard, or visit to find a local event for doing so. Arbor Day, a Holiday celebrating trees, is on April 25th, just three days after Earth Day! Concern for the environment doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be just on Earth Day. To make a difference, everyone must take care of our planet year-round. It all starts with just one tree.


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