Soccer Updates and Tips

Haley Purser, Writer/Photographer

Since the covid 19 pandemic struck school has been wonky with class from your bedroom, most kids are wanting to get out and play sports and be active but this year’s sports seasons aren’t gonna be the same. High school sports have now been spread out between four different short seasons due to covid. Season one, that was supposed to be cross country, golf, and tennis was cancelled and got moved to season 3. Season two includes the original winter sports, basketball, boys swimming and diving, gymnastics, and wrestling all being played from December twenty eighth to February twenty seventh. Original  fall sports like football, girls soccer, girls volleyball, cross country, boys tennis, girls swim and dive, and golf have all been moved to season three from March first to May first. Season four from April twenty sixth to June twenty sixth includes girls tennis, fastpitch softball, track and field, baseball, boys soccer, boys and girls lacrosse, and dance/drill. Girls soccer may begin practices March first and boys soccer April twenty sixth but the county must be in phase 3. Coaches will have practices in small groups of 6 people at a time and players and coaches must wear a mask and social distance. For more information about when practices and games start visit the Sumner Bonney Lake School District website under 2020-21 school year athletic updates ( . All this information can be modified at any time if and when the county changes phases.  Right now Pierce county is in phase two which means we are not able to start, but we are on our way moving towards phase three for practice to start.

Some key ways of getting back into shape for the possible soccer season could be, running, and touching the ball daily. Try to run around 4 to 8 miles a week or more if you want, setting a goal for running will help you be more determined to go for that extra mile. Getting outside your house and passing a ball with a family member or just a wall could benefit you as well. If you’re lucky enough to go to a field and shoot on a goal that would be a major advantage to take. Watching some professional soccer games online could also assist you with getting back into the swing of soccer. As Alex Morgan, an American soccer player, has said “Set your soccer goals high and don’t stop till you get there.”, so if soccer is your dream go on out and workout so you can get more fit for your soccer goal.