Graham Kapowsin vs. Sumner Football Highlights

Michael Spearman

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It was senior night last Friday as Sumner (6-2) looked to get the win against Graham Kapowsin (7-1). Sumner was playing arguably their toughest opponent so far this season with GK’s strong offense led by UW commit #5 Dylan Morris and a solid defense to compliment it. Sumner started with the ball and looked to move down the field with command, a big catch by #4 Garrett Green gave Sumner a big gain as well as a huge run by #27 Tyler Ruch that actually went into the end zone but was called back. GK was able to stop Sumner’s offense in the red zone which led to a Sumner field goal nailed by #89 Wyatt Reddington to make the score 3-0. GK’s offense steadily made their way down field getting in to the red zone as well but like Sumner couldn’t get into the end zone they settled for a field goal too, but GK’s kicker missed it after kicking it far left. The next drive for both teams ended in a punt after not being able to move it anywhere. Sumner punted it away again after being stopped by GK’s defense, GK then took control of the game moving the sticks at will, which ended in a touchdown to put GK in the lead 7-3. Sumner looked to answer back but wouldn’t get the chance after a miscommunication on the kick off with who would run it back. GK jumped on the ball and got it back already in Sumner’s territory. GK wouldn’t capitalize on the odd incident though thanks to #6 Donovan Clark with a big interception in the end zone. Sumner’s cold start on offense sadly continued as they ended up punting it back to GK. Sumner’s ‘Black Flag’ defense looked to hold off the hot GK offense as the drove down trying to put few more points before half, this time #7 Deontrea Stoudemire wasn’t having it as he picked off a pass to stop GK and send the game into the half. GK got the ball coming out of half but after a 3 and out with a bad punt Sumner got the ball back already at the forty yard line. Sumner’s offense looked better than they had been in the last few drives, but still not amazing, they were able to put another three points on the board coming from Wyatt Reddington to make the game 6-7. Sumner’s defense was holding off the GK offense, but blown coverage a few play later gave GK another touchdown to go up 14-6. The next two drives from Sumner both ended in fumbles with the first one going back for a touchdown to expand GK’s lead 21-6, with the second giving GK great field advantage which ended in a touchdown, another 7 on the board to make it 28-6. Sumner’s bad luck continued as they fumbled one more time to give the ball to GK. GK went down and scored one last touchdown, 35-7. Sumner turned the ball over on downs and GK ran out the clock to end the game. Sumner loses 35-6 as they become (6-3) on the season.

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