Sumner vs. Emerald Ridge Football Highlights

Michael Spearman

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This last friday Sumner faced Emerald Ridge with Sumner being (4-2) and Emerald Ridge (1-5) going into the game. Sumner started with the ball but fumbled it on a hand off in their first drive, lucky Sumner’s mistake wouldn’t cost them as #18 Jackson Metcalf came up with an interception, which would later end up in Sumner’s #32 Bryce Bostic running it in from 1 yard out to give Sumner their first touchdown of the night, #37 Colton Sigafoos nails the extra point to put Sumner up 7-0. With Emerald Ridge turning over the ball on their next drive Sumner scored again this time with a 16 yard run from #12 Griffin Clark who had come out as quarterback for the drive. Colton Sigafoos converted the pat to make it 14-0. Emerald Ridge again can’t get anything to work on the offensive side of the ball as they punted the ball away, I’ll say this now long story short Emerald Ridge’s offense couldn’t do anything against Sumer’s “Black Flag” defense. The next two Sumner drives ended in touchdowns, the first one being a 5 yard run by #5 Bryan Falk to make it 21-0 with 15 seconds left in the first quarter and the other one coming in the second quarter by Bryce Bostic from 24 yards out to make it 28-0 and his second touchdown of the game, Colton Sigafoos nailed both of the extra points. With Emerald Ridge try not to be left behind they looked to score but only gave the ball away on a fumble forced by #90 Andrew Tillet and recovered by #10 Drew Senatore. With Emerald Ridge stopping Sumner’s hot offense, Sumner’s coaching staff decided to try a 49 yard and who else to call on then #89 Wyatt Reddington, he nailed it to make the score 31-0. After punts by both teams, the Emerald Ridge offense had the ball and threw an interception to #6 Donovan Clark who returned it for a touchdown, Colton Sigafoos converted the pat and with that Sumner went into halftime with a 38-0 lead. Coming out of halftime Emerald Ridge had the first possession which quickly ended after a fumble which was recovered by #27 Tyler Ruch, Sumner scored again with ease after a touchdown run from 16 yards out by #31 Ru’Sun Williams, Colton Sigafoos surprisingly missed his field making the game 44-0. Even with Sumner being up 44-0 they didn’t slow down and instead continuing to score at will, Sumner’s next two drives ended in touchdowns with the first ending this time in a passing TD from #11 Austin Grondahl to #8 Mitchell Wolfe from 7 yards out and the second going back to the ground game with Byce Bostic again this time from 6 yards out for his 3rd touchdown in the game. Colton Sigafoos nailed both the pat’s to make it 58-0 and just for good measures Sumner scored one last touchdown by #33 Camden Russell from 1 yard out to make the final score 65-0.

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