Sumner vs. Camas (Football)

Annie Ross

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Flashback to the 2016 4A State Championship when the Spartans had a heartbreaking and season ending loss as the Camas Papermakers moved on to win the final. That was the last time the Sumner Spartans played Camas and that difficult loss has not left a single player’s mind. They wouldn’t let it happen again. Both teams came out to play Thursday night. Camas was averaging 54 points a game and Sumner needed a win to gain their confidence back. Sumner kicks it off to begin the game and Camas starts with the ball. Right before the end of the first quarter Donovan Clark attains an interception into the endzone to give Spartans the ball, and the crowd some exhilaration. The first quarter ends with no points on the board (0-0). In the second quarter, Sumner’s miscommunication leads to a fumble on the Camas 32 but fortunately Donovan Clark has another interception to give Sumner the ball back. Sumner is first to make it on the scoreboard with a 1 yard touchdown from Bryce Bostick putting the Spartans on top 7-0 over Camas with 6:00 minutes to go in the second quarter.  Unbelievably, Donovan Clark tips to ball to himself for his third interception not just of the game, but of the half. Next to score is Ra’sun William’s with a 7 yard touchdown run. Colton Sigafoos making all of his PATs. The first half ends at 14-0 with Sumner over Camas. After a halftime performance by the Band, dance team and the cheerleaders, Both teams come back on the field fired up to win this game. Camas makes it down the field but the Black Flag defense stops them from a touchdown so they were forced to kick a field goal which was blocked by Mitchell Wolfe. The score remains 14-0 at the end of the third quarter. Camas ball to start the 4th quarter but they don’t have it for long. Donovan Clark with his fourth interception of the night. With 9:10 left in the game Camas has a big play with a pick 6 to make the game 14-7, giving the Papermakers some hope and motivation. Mason Donovan with a big 3rd down conversion to keep Camas from scoring. Sumner offense fumbles to make it their fourth turnover of the night and giving Camas with the ball with very limited time in the game. Camas brings the ball to the Spartan 25 yard line with less than half a minute in the game. Camas first down puts them on the Spartan 11 with 7 seconds left. 3 seconds left in the game and Camas looking to throw it into the endzone. Brooks Morin comes from behind and has the game saving sack. With no time left on the scoreboard, the Sumner Spartans win over top-10 team, the Camas Papermakers. Final score, 14-7.

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