Throwback Tolo: Outfit Inspiration

Rylee Smith

Tolo is right around the corner Sparts! Be sure to get your tickets soon!

March 28th, 7:00-10:00 in the Main Gym

Tickets: $8 with ASB, $10 without ASB

This year’s theme is “Throwback” so read up on different decade’s most popular trends and go all out.

60s : The “swinging 60s” were all about youth culture! Think bright pastel and bold colors, intense prints, and oversized statement pieces. Dresses were often shapeless mod or shift dress, styled with boots and tights or calf length socks. Oversized accessories picked up popularity mid 60’s including belts, pillbox hats, large pearls, colorful hair accessories, sunglasses and bangles. Although we often see bold colors in pictures, pastels were also growing in popularity, especially for women’s dresses. For men it was often plaid patterns, blazers, turtlenecks or collared shirts and ties. Warmer colors like maroons, mustard browns, and olive greens were common colors for men’s clothing. Popular shoe styles at the time were Mary-Jane style heels, and go-go boots. Despite all of these “on-trend” styles, the 60’s is when hippie culture came to be as a youth movement.

1968 Kerzys Konfektion“1968 Kerzys Konfektion” by negative four is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

70s : The 1970s are often referred to as the “Me Decade” known for citizen involvement in vocalising and protesting on different political and economic issues. For this decade think flowy and big. Bell style pant legs and sleeves were very popular amongst men and female clothing.  Clogs were known as being stylish but also comfy footwear. Speaking of comfort, knit, crochet, and denim clothing became more popular as a less formal style than currently seen in past generations. Maxi dresses and slip dresses were growing popularity for fashion icons at the time, but not exactly as normal everyday wear. For men, pants were often wide legged and flared, but button down tops and sweaters were typically worn very tight fitting to the body.


70´s Fashion.

 “70´s Fashion.” by Diana Sandoval is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

80s: The 80s were known for big hair, shoulder pads, lots of ruffles, and prints! Acid wash denim was iconic for both male and female clothing. Accessories included items like colored sunglasses, bomber jackets, leg warmers, and headband galore. Neon colors, denim, spray paint pattern and animal prints were available on almost every article of clothing. Structure wise fabrics like mesh, and sequin features were common for women’s dresses and shirts. Men often were a t-shirt or collared shirt with a puffy jacket or some other type of oversized outer layer on. The “power suit” was becoming a fashion symbol of women empowerment movements.

90s: The 90s was a revolutionary decade in technology and pop culture. When it comes to the 90s you can not go wrong with a classic pair of overalls, a slip dress, velvet fabrics or tie dye anything! Accessories in this time gave us denim bucket hats, skinny tinted sunglasses, oval shaped glasses and leather jackets. Oversized flannels and beanies were popular amongst teens, and of course we can not forget denim everything! Popular shoes boots and strappy heels. Rock this decade at the dance using fashion trends that are being revived to this day!

IMG 38“IMG 38” by Monica’s Dad is licensed under CC BY 2.0




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