Successful Blood Drive

Haley Purser, Writer/Photographer

The community blood drive hosted by FCCLA and Cascade Regional blood services on November 18th 2020 was a great success! This year due to covid they didn’t have two buses and only a couple people could go on the bus at a time. Everyone there had to wear a mask and social distance, but all in all 36 people donated. This amount of people was amazing because normally with two buses they would have double the amount of people, and with covid happening it was phenomenal seeing people come to support their community. Half of the people that donated were students and the other half were staff and members of the community. The total amount of blood donated was thirty six pints, that’s one pint per person. Every pint donated saved 3 lives, so all together this blood drive saved 108 lives! Thank you to all who donated and to FCCLA and Cascade Regional Blood Services for putting it all together.