History of the Daffodil Parade

Rylee Smith

Every year Sumner locals crowd main street to watch the iconic Daffodil Parade. Many of the families growing up in Sumner have loyally attended it, and many of us Sumner High School students have even been a part of it. However, six years before the parade ever hit the streets of Sumner and Puyallup, our now loved tradition was simply a garden party.  In the year 1926 Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Orton had invited a number of community leaders across Western Washington to admire the tulips around their property. It soon grew and became a must attend annual event. While the interest to marvel at beautiful tulips grew, so did the fields, and the vehicles filling the roads to transport them. A local photographer named Lee Meril suggested that all of the daffodil blooms be used creatively as decorations for a parade, opposed to being throw away or used for fertilizer. Vehicles were covered in these daffodil blooms, and the parade has taken place every year since 1934, with very few exceptions (1943, 1944, 1945) due to war.

This year will be the 87th annual Daffodil Parade, so be sure to mark your calendars for a location near you.

Tacoma: Pacific Ave from 12th to 21st Streets 10:15am

Puyallup: 7th Ave SW at 5th SW to S Meridian, W Meeker Ave, 3rd St SW, 4th Ave SW  12:45pm

SUMNER: Main ST. at Kincaid Ave to Sunset Stadium 2:30pm

Orting: Washington Ave S from Bridge to Whitsell 5:00pm